Getting Started

As I am thinking what to type for ‘Getting Started Blog’, I also started thinking how much work I have put into and how much knowledge I gained as I am finishing this journey of becoming a FNP. From the beginning of this journey and up until now, I learned a lot of new things about transforming the role of being an RN to a FNP. I learned to assess a patient by history taking, documenting, creating a plan of care, intervening, and evaluating at a higher level as a master’s prepared nurse. I also learned to recommend and prescribe a right treatment plan for a certain problem of age-specific patients. It sounded like a lot, but that would not stop me from there. I know for a fact that I need more practice and exposure to be able to prepare myself to be a better provider. Hence, 680L is here to better exercise what I have learned from the past four semesters. For this semester, my three learning goals are:

  • To be familiarized to some differential diagnoses pertaining to a chief complaint to facilitate correct diagnosing of a disease
  • To continue to engage in filling in gaps in learning that need to be improved in terms of clinical skills of assessing, diagnosing, and prescribing appropriate treatments and providing correct education to the patients
  • To be involved in clinical updates based on evidence-based practice to be able to provide skills that are timely and relevant.

On my first week back in the clinical practice, I would say that it was a pleasant experience. I was able to do what I have been doing from the past clinical practicum such as assessing patients, taking history, giving recommendation and education to the patient, and documenting. I feel like that first week of clinical rotation is a breath of fresh air as I am currently exposed to a new setting: urgent care. I am also doing women’s health. I am optimistic that I will learn a lot of things in another exciting journey of becoming a FNP. I am looking forward to learning more on the management of common complex chronic conditions. At the end of the day, though a lot of hours need to be done for the internship, I take the experience as a win-win situation in which I don’t only learn but I also help patients in their journey to have a better health.


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