“Practice Inquiry, What is it?”

Twice a week, my clinical preceptor does her administrative duty as the medical director of the clinic. She does it not only to focus on the administrative aspect of the business but also for clinical works to ensure that high quality of care is provided to the patients. One practice inquiry that my preceptor shared with me is their weekly meeting of uncertain patient cases. These uncertainties are being presented with the rest of the doctors, NPs, and PAs to find more learning and solutions about the clinical ambiguities. Through this, they can talk about implementing clinical outcomes. Clinical outcomes in the clinic are implemented by first setting objectives. Their plan is to enlist the best interventions to meet the clinical outcomes while focusing on a better and safer care.



Nurse practitioners are one of the forefront people in the healthcare. Being a nurse practitioner in the future and being one of the people in the forefront of healthcare, I am responsible for updating myself with the current healthcare trends. The ways I can continue my education is by joining nurses and nurse practitioners association. Some examples of the association existing at this time are American Association of Nurse Practitioners and California Association for Nurse Practitioners. These associations will facilitate exposure to different conventions, seminars, and educational opportunities. These are frequently moderated by a more experienced nurse practitioners with a goal to further knowledge and to catch up with the unending progress in healthcare. Furthermore, joining an association will open more opportunities to connect to fellow nurse and nurse practitioners. This will result in a greater opportunity to learn from other nurse practitioners through their experiences and become well informed about the developments in healthcare.

Attending annual conventions, taking advantage of continued education activities, and inclining oneself in knowing more news about up-to-date healthcare topics are my processes in discovering modalities and developing resources in a continued nurse practitioner education.