Getting Started

As I remain in my journey in finishing my hours for clinical practicum, I continue to do my preceptorship with my previous preceptor from last semester. I feel that I am in a fortunate position because continuing my clinical hours with the same person facilitates trust, rapport, and confidence. The clinical hour requirements for NURS 679L (240-270 hours) are more than NURS 678L (90-120 hours). NURS 678L experience was very unforgettable from day one to the last. On the first day, I felt like I am starting a new job because of new faces, new place, new processes, new workplace, and a different set of diverse patients. If I am asked to describe my experiences from last clinical practicum, I would say that is was a SUPERB one. I gain a lot of knowledge from everybody in the clinic: from doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and patients. I would say that NURS 678L helped me develop more of my critical thinking skills and rational about patient’s diagnosis broadmindedly and by thinking outside the box. Some of the diagnosis, procedures, and medications that I have been familiar with during NURS 678L are the treatment of sexually transmitted infections, acute pain management, anemia management, upper and lower respiratory infections management, diabetes management, and hypertension management. This semester, I am assigned to come into the clinic twice weekly to develop more of the skills and knowledge in the FNP Formulary. During the week, I have the chance to precept with a Doctor of Osteopathy and a Nurse Practitioner who focuses on primary care, women’s health, and pediatrics. My learning goals for NURS 679L are: to fully develop my critical thinking skills by using evidence-based studies for a safe clinical practice, to acquire more clinical skills performed in the primary care settings, and to be more experienced in diagnosing patient’s disease accurately. As mentioned, I have two preceptors in the clinic for this semester, some of the thoughts that came to my mind are not two preceptors are the same. Comparing them would not help, but appreciating each other’s strengths will better help me understand and learn new things. Conclusively, I know I just started a new semester but my thought about starting back to my first day of clinical practicum made me feel so excited. Excited not just because I am few more steps in finishing the program, but also I know that this is another learning experience for me that not everybody is given a chance of doing such.


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