Teamwork and Interprofessional Collaboration

The team at my clinical setting has a collaborative model of care. They have a combined practice among the physician, behavioral health psychologist, obstetrician, physician assistants, medical assistants, and front staffs. The power is manifested from the very top, which is the medical director. In my opinion and based on my observation, the team is working well together. One example that I can cite is that we had a patient in the clinic that verbalized in Spanish that he was depressed and has little interest or pleasure in doing things to the medical assistant. The medical assistant then reported patient’s verbalization of little interest to usual activities of life to the primary physician. Using the information given by the medical assistant, the primary physician further assessed the patient for depression. The PHQ-9 tool was used and he scored 12, which deemed to have moderate depression. In this case, the primary physician referred the patient to the behavioral health department of the clinic. The report was given to the psychologist about the assessment of the physician upon health history taking and patient’s behavior during the interview. The psychologist then addressed the depression and provided some counseling to address patient’s problem before it got worse. The given scenario is a good example of collaboration within the clinic for a more effective primary care. Regardless of wherever one role is in the team, each person in the team is important for an effective interprofessional collaboration. Collaboration in the practice setting encourages efficient health maintenance, disease prevention, and counseling in a timely manner.


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