Safety in Practice

One of the medical errors that can be observed in the clinical setting is medication error. There are a lot of factors why medication error happened. First, it is because of the wrong documentation because of a wrong usage of abbreviations. Abbreviation indeed will help save time and effort in documenting, but the wrong usage of it may cause a mild to sometimes serious medication error. Fortunately in the clinical settings that I am working with this semester, medication error for the abbreviation reason is less likely to happen because of the use of a computer in documenting. The clinic uses a computer from the very first activity done for the patient until sending an electronic prescription to the pharmacy. Electronic documentation prevents error secondary to the usage of computer versus using a pen in documenting. For example, a number “4” might sometimes be confused with a number “9”, a “0” might be confused to letter “u” that stands for units. Medication error is likely to happen if handwriting is the source of confusion. Second, not every facility that uses electronic documentation is successful in implementing the safe practice. There will always come to a point that it is because of human error. One example I can cite is documenting the right route of an injection. Believe it or not, I see healthcare professionals who are still confused about where her or his left and right and where patient’s left and right side of the body is. With this dilemma, this will result in a confusion that will further result in an error in documentation or in a worst case, error in medication administration. In the clinical setting that I am working with right now, they handle the situation pretty decently. The medical assistant who gives the injection is always paired up with another medical assistant to help check and review each other’s work before each vaccination. I find this team up very helpful in maintaining safety in the practice setting. I believe that they do this to prevent mild consequence from happening while also preventing serious catastrophe to transpire.


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