Equitable Distribution of Health Care

In this essay, I will be talking about a politician’s beliefs and values related to the delivery of health care. Let me start by mentioning that the system of healthcare delivery is rooted from the beliefs and values of one person. The beliefs and values govern the training and the general orientation of an individual. For politicians, their belief is about their concern for the most underprivileged classes in the society such as the poor, disabled, and children. One example is the situation of Mr. S.. Due to his chronic illnesses, he exhausted his private insurance and now, his insurance cannot pay for his healthcare cost. With the politician’s values and beliefs, they passed a law about the creation of Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP. Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP are social health care program by the government to help families or individual with low income and limited resources. Through Medicaid, Mr. S. is continued to receive care from the county’s public hospital, without the worry of who is going to shoulder the cost.

The range of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health status are known as determinants of health. Determinants of health include biological and genetic make up, individual behavior, social interactions and norms, physical environment, and access to health services (www.healthypeople.gov) For Mr. S’s case, housing, stress, insurance coverage, and unemployment are his determinants of health. I want to picture an intervention that can change Mr. S’s determinants of health. First step is a proper referral to a social worker before patient gets discharged from a county hospital. Social worker will assist Mr. S. in applying for housing program of the government. The social worker will be the middle person to help Mr. S. in finding a comfortable place to live in and to recuperate in. Once he has the place, the ordering of O2 will follow. He can’t be sent home without the O2 due to his chronic COPD. He will be helped by the same person, the social worker, in putting things into their right places. One step made by the social worker will follow the next steps. The next few steps are the plan on doing lung volume reduction surgery and the experimental lung transplant that is being considered for him.


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